• What is it?
  • CC Secretary is a web-based management program developed specifically for Retriever Clubs. CC Secretary combines the back-office software needed to run today's modern retriever clubs with customizable web templates that make web site publishing and maintenance a breeze. CC Secretary brings all of your club's information together in a single, secure location with redundant backups.

  • How is it different from other web developing software?
  • Built upon the Teebo Content Management System (TCMS) and utlitzing the RadUpload engine and components from Canis Major, DNT’s retriever entry system, CC Secretary is an all-in-one solution for managing both your club and its website.

  • Why you need it
  • Your website sets the style-pace for your company and a professionally developed website can make an immeasurable difference in your success. Volunteer organizations not only rely on their private information being maintained by elected officers, but they also rely on volunteers for their websites. That's where CC Secretary comes into play. By keeping all of your data in a central location, there's a seamless transfer between officers and the chances of lost data are nearly eliminated. Then there's the added benefit of keeping all of your data and membership files in a secured location. Finally, using 128-bit encryption, we mirror your data on two geographically separate servers to provide the highest level of disaster recovery available.

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